Expert Panel

We assembled an international expert panel of individuals involved in and affected by the multi-disciplinary care of traumatic injuries by seeking a nomination process through the Trauma Association of Canada. Nominated members were selected to obtain broad expert and geographic (Canada, U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Germany including urban and rural) representation. The experts were asked to nominate other experts in related disciplines. The completed panel consisted of 19 members, some of the panelists had expertise in more than one area, including: emergency medical systems, emergency medicine, trauma surgery, trauma system, neuro-critical care, orthopedic trauma surgery, trauma neurosurgery, critical care medicine, trauma care management, injury prevention and control, injury rehabilitation, measuring health care quality, measuring quality of trauma care, measurement and risk adjustment, administrative data (trauma registry), public health, organizational leadership, and public policy. Also, two doctors facilitated the workshop with expertise in health policy and knowledge translation.