About Us

The Quality of Trauma in Adult Care (QTAC) is an emerging team in quality improvement research, in Canada. QTAC investigators and collaborators have been involved individually and in collaboration in various sectors of health research, namely the clinical, health services and population health sectors.
QTAC is based at the University of Calgary, Institute of Public Health, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
QTAC Investigators include Dr. H. Tom Stelfox (Chair), Dr. Maria J. Santana, Dr. Lynn Moore, Dr. Sharon Straus, Dr. John Kortbeek and Dr. Avery Nathens. The QTAC Group is supported by research and administrative staff, and a number of research trainees.
While the core QTAC investigators are academic-based investigators in Calgary, Alberta, the broader circle of collaborators in QTAC is an international distinguished multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial group.